Adventures of Blue and Grey Boy

The Adventures of Blue and Grey Boy are just a bunch of ride reports I have done on various adventures I have taken. Some as simple as a ride down the street. Hope you enjoy. Constantly working on more.

You can track me here anytime.

  • Spot Tracker

    Here's a little track time at Mosport Driver Development Track. Man it was nice being out on track

  • Mosport

    Here is Trans Taiga. The most North you can ride to in Quebec and the furthest you can be from any town by road in North America 745kms. Great place. Have to do this again.

  • Trans Taiga

    Here's a little stint to the B.C. Coast and back. Man it was nice

  • BC or bust

    Here's a nice little weekend getaway. Great spot

  • Swisha

    Into everyone's life a little maintenance must come

  • Rear bearing replacement